Snell introduces IQQSM quad-split monitors

Snell has introduced its IQQSM quad-split monitors, which enable local monitoring of four 3G/HD/SD-SDI input signals along with bar graph displays of eight channels of embedded audio.

Ideally suited for monitoring studio or outside broadcast camera feeds, the monitors are capable of providing the four signals on a single HDMI or DVI output to enable integration with flat-planel displays used extensively in local monitoring applications. The IQQSM module also features an SDI output that allows the signal to be routed to other areas in the facility such as remote monitoring applications or to server storage.

The IQQSM00, the first module in the IQQSM range, will ship shortly after NAB and provides an entry-level, low-cost local monitoring solution for up to four 3G, HD or SD-SDI inputs. It features a quad-split display with image identifier captions, and both SDI and HDMI outputs.