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SmallHD Debuts New Studio Production Monitors

CARY, N.C.—After unveiling its new daylight-viewable HDR production monitors at the 2016 NAB Show, SmallHD has announced that it was developed studio editions for both the 17- and 24-inch models. These 1080p production monitors are designed to be used in controlled lighting environments.

1703 Studio model

The 1703 and 2403 Studio models are housed in billet aluminum and hold a 3mm thick polycarbonate screen protector. It also comes with a RapidRail Shoe Mount system for quick mounting and powering of third party accessories.

The monitors utilize SmallHD’s Pages software presets to adapt to professional’s needs. The Multi-View page offers simultaneous viewing of all three inputs, or multiple views of the same input with a different feature or LUT applied. There is also built-in ColorFlow technology that enables custom 3D LUTs through custom display calibration, real-time preview of LUTs to be used in post-production, and the ability to imbed LUTs in the video stream for display on monitors downstream. Built-in HD Waveform is also available for analysis on pre-LUT and post-LUT video data.

SmallHD will officially release the new monitors at the end of May. The 1703 will be available for $2,999; the 2403 will be available at $3,499.