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Sling Media Introduces SlingStudio Video Production System

LAS VEGAS—Dish subsidiary Sling Media is going live with its new SlingStudio system, a wireless, portable multi-camera production system. Users can access SlingStudio to record, monitor and edit four HD video inputs from up to 10 connected cameras and smartphones; the system can also output live video to streaming services and simultaneously record to a USB hard drive, USB SSD or SD card.

SlingStudio Hub

SlingStudio can connect to up to 10 wireless devices through its private, video-grade Wi-Fi network, eliminating an internet connectivity requirement. HDMI-enabled DSLR and video cameras can connect through SlingStudio’s CameraLink wireless adapter or its HDMI input port. Smartphones directly connect through the Capture app, which is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Video production in the SlingStudio is managed through the iPad Console app, which allows users to monitor and create live-to-tape video from up to four input sources simultaneously and drag and drop video into a composition window to create things like picture-in-picture, split and quad views.

For post-production, individual recordings from each camera feed are saved in a single storage location. Adobe Premiere Pro is integrated into the system, allowing for recordings to be imported into the project timeline.

The SlingStudio system requires the SlingStudio hub for operation. Optional accessories include a battery, USB-C expander and CameraLink.

Sling Media will make the SlingStudio available starting in May for $999.