Sky News Uses Viz Content Pilot

OSLO, NORWAY – Vizrt powers the opening graphics of U.K.-based Sky News, the vendor said today. Sky opens each hour with a “Top of the Hour” animated rundown of what stories are on deck. It comprises video clips and screen shots from all Sky News’ online platforms – web, iPad, and mobile – as 3D video windows within the intro package.

Sky News uses the Viz Content Pilot, a template-based video and graphics management system, which grabs editorial content from each of the Sky News online services and inserts it into the pre-built 3D animated graphic in real-time, preserving their fonts and screen layouts .

Sky News is a dedicated 24-hour news channel. “Top of the Hour” runs on both the SD and HD channels and Viz Content Pilot automatically feeds both versions. The resulting graphic is accessible to the vision mixer and producers in the gallery via Viz Content Pilot and iNews. This gives them the ability to override the automatic insertion of content from the servers and embed different imagery and headlines if last-minute changes are required.