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Siemens Integrates Entone IP Gateway

Siemens Communications is using IP video technology from Entone Technology to launch a set-top box that enables service providers to use existing coaxial cable for video distribution in homes. The new box is part of the Siemens Surpass Home Entertainment line of IPTV technologies.

The Entone Hydra set-top box also enables line sharing for simultaneous viewing and Internet access. The box supports up to three simultaneous video streams over a single DSL line, fiber to the home (FTTH) or Ethernet connection. Additionally, the box supports high-speed data and telephone features including caller ID.

"The Surpass Home Entertainment solution, coupled with Entone's set-top box technology, provides broadband operators with a way to avoid many of the costs and complexities involved with set-top-boxes that require Ethernet cabling," said Chris Coles, president and CEO of IPTV middle producer, Myrio, a Siemens company.

The Myrio Interactive Development kids (iDK) helps to integrate the Myrio IPTV middleware platform with set-top boxes and other consumer electronic devices.