Shining Technology introduces Beetle camera-mountable converter

Shining Technology has introduced the Beetle DV 1850S, a camera-mountable device that converts analog video to digital.

For the hundreds of thousands of high-end analog camera users who must find new ways of working with their video content digitally, Beetle can be a valuable asset, bridging their analog and digital worlds while stretching their original investment.

Lightweight, portable and rugged, Beetle allows users to capture and convert video into professional-quality digital video formats (DV25, DV50 and MPEG). It also can be used to export edited digital video to analog videotape recorders and displays.

Beetle converts the most widely used analog video signals to and from digitized professional FireWire DV signals. In addition, it converts the FireWire AV/C control protocols to and from RS-232 and RS-422.

As an option, Beetle can be equipped with a USB Wi-Fi feature to allow instant low-res online video streaming with simultaneous full-size video capture.

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