Sensaphonics unveils 2MAX custom earphones

Chicago-based Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation has announced the immediate availability of its new 2MAX earphones for in-ear monitoring. The 2MAX features a higher-sensitivity electroacoustical design, making it optimal for use with wireless personal monitor systems. Based on the same balanced armature drivers that give the 2X-S its high fidelity sound, the 2MAX features higher sensitivity, resulting in more output at lower volume settings. The maximum output for the two models is identical.

The new 2MAX earphones are custom molded from soft silicone, earphone material that doesn’t shrink, crack or degrade, to ensure long life, a good seal and a comfortable fit. The standard transparent silicone material can be customized in various colors and features a stronger, more flexible cable, available in either matte silver or black.

The 2MAX custom earphones are not available in retail stores. They can be purchased through Sensaphonics or the company’s audiologist network.

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