Scopus Digital Inserter Passes Interoperability Test

Scopus Video Networks recently reported that its IVG-7500 digital ad-insertion product had undergone interoperability testing by CableLabs and was found to be in compliance with the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers SCTE-30 and SCTE-35 digital program insertion interoperability standards. This compliance ensures the product’s compatibility with ad servers and cable headend equipment.

The Scopus IVG-7500 provides ad insertion and rate shaping capabilities for digital video network architectures. It also features networking support for video routing over IP.

“We are pleased to have successfully reached 100 percent coverage of the CableLabs DPI [digital program insertion] test plan and have fully validated the Scopus interoperability with standards-based ad servers,” said Mario Rainville, associate vice president of product marketing at Scopus’ U.S. operations. “The Scopus IVG-7500 has already been deployed for serving local advertisements to cable subscribers and we are committed to continue ensuring the interoperability of our products with third party equipment in open architectures.”

The IVG-7500 is a component of the Scopus system that includes digital simulcasting, real-time encoding, signal grooming, rate shaping, splicing and edge decoding.