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Samsung debuts mobile TV app

Convergence is everything these days, so Samsung Electronics just announced the Samsung Smart View app, which lets consumers share content between their Samsung Smart TVs and their mobile devices. The app will initially work with the Samsung Galaxy S II with support for other Samsung Galaxy devices coming this year. The app displays the content from the Samsung Smart TV on a mobile device's screen through the consumer's Wi-Fi network, even if they are watching TV, Blu-ray player or other content. Samsung is focused on letting people not be tied in to the living room; they can watch content anywhere in the house, from the den to the office to the backyard. The company intends to update the app on a regular basis, and it is planning new features such as remote control functionality and channel lists.

The app can be downloaded now from the Android Market and works with the Galaxy SII smart phone. It can be used with the latest Samsung Smart TV D7000 and D8000 series. The app is also coming for the Galaxy player this summer, as well as the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab later in the year.