SAMMA Systems unveils MJPEG2K player

SAMMA Systems has extended its range of lossless compression products with the introduction of the MJPEG2K player.

The player/decoder, developed to provide a method for monitoring and editing Motion JPEG2000 files, operates with SAMMA Systems’ recently launched SAMMA Solo real-time analog-to-digital lossless migration system.

SAMMA Solo encodes mathematically lossless MJPEG2000 files in real time in addition to other standard formats, such as MPEG-2, H.264, Windows Media and Real Media. The MJPEG2K player provides a method for playing back the MJPEG2000 files for monitoring or loading into an editing platform. It provides SDI output with embedded four-channel audio that is bit-for-bit identical to MJ2 output.

The SAMMA MJPEG2K functions as a decoder only with SAMMA software for use in standalone viewing stations. It requires a user-supplied PC and monitor.

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