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Rushworks Introduces MPEG.Rx File Pharmacy

Rushworks MPEG.Rx Rushworks has released MPEG.Rx, a workflow solution designed to correct a variety of video and audio problems often found in MPEG-2 files—especially VOB (video object) files transferred from DVDs.

MPEG.Rx is a workflow productivity solution. The user drops any MPEG-2/VOB file (or VIDEO_TS folder from a DVD) into the Watch folder, and processing begins immediately. The regenerated "healthy" file is placed in the Output folder, available for instant playback on any video server that supports MPEG-2 playback. The original file is moved to the Archive folder, where the user can specify how long it is saved before automatic deletion. This solution was created to address the widespread demand for consistent quality MPEG-2 files.

"VOB files ripped from DVDs are notoriously problematic," said Rush Beesley, president of Rushworks. "The procedures required to fix them are labor-intensive and inefficient. MPEG.Rx transforms inefficiency into productivity with a simple drag and drop workflow procedure. As with all our solutions, we believe that simplicity is the key to success … and provides a gratifying user experience."

A trial version of MPEG.Rx, which processes a nine second sample of any MPEG-2/VOB file, is available for immediate download at A fully licensed version can also be purchased from the Web page.