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Ruggedized RJ45 Connectors Developed

Clark Wire & Cable recently announced the availability of a new range of RJ45 plugs and receptacles that are tailored for harsh environment applications.

The new products were designed to withstand excessive temperatures, humidity, vibration, sever shock and EMI at levels that could render ordinary RJ45 hardware inoperative. Clark's harsh environment RJ45 connectors conform to existing CAT-5e specifications and feature a special insert seal that guards against contamination. The seal is able to provide protection without an external dust cover. The connectors also have a built-in cable strain relief backshell that guards against mechanical damage.

The new product line features a completely assembled and toughened RJ45, allowing installers to complete their tasks in less time than with conventional hardware which would require special care and protection to withstand less than ideal conditions.

In addition to plug and receptacles, Clark is also offering full feedthroughs and other components in the harsh environment RJ45 line.