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RTW offers extended BLITS channel ID on new surround monitoring models

RTW’s SurroundControl 31900/31960 and SurroundMonitor 11900 series units now offer support for BLITS (Black and Lane's Identification Tones for Surround), a method for easily and safely identifying channels in 5.1 surround signals, thus preventing unintentional channel swapping. The RTW units incorporate a flexible internal signal generator that sends out signal clusters in BLITS format from the units' digital and analog (31900/31960 only) outputs.

The 31900/31960 and 11900 are also being upgraded with the ability to automatically identify incoming sequences sent by any BLITS generator while also checking the integrity of all 5.1 channels. The RTW units are then able to check channel swapping, delays between channels, phase and polarity changes, and level variations. As soon as any channel shows abnormalities in one of these aspects, the user will see a clear visual warning.

The 31900/31960 and 11900 units can be set up so that the permanent generation of the BLITS sequence has no effect on the normal analyzing functions of the systems. Another important feature is the option to add an audio file intro (in .WAV format) that can be prepended to the BLITS sequence on each channel of the 5.1 signal. Such a file could, for example, contain a station identification signal or other ID information.

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