RTS/TELEX rolls out ADAM-M 3RU matrix

At IBC2010, RTS/TELEX introduced several new products including the ADAM-M, a compact 3RU matrix that supports eight cards as well as redundant master controllers.

In combination with the MADI-16+, the ADAM-M can be configured with up to 128 ports AI/O or 224 channels. The revival in popularity of MADI due to its ability to interface and interoperate with other systems prompted the launch this year of the MADI-16+ card. The new RTS MADI-16+ card allows the user to integrate MADI into the communications system for the transport of up to 64 channels of full-band digital audio.

In its Zeus III LE and LE+, RTS/TELEX also introduced two new intercom matrices. Designed to satisfy the need for matrix power in smaller installations, the Zeus III LE offers 16 ports and two party-line channels with a single power supply. The Zeus III LE+ offers the same feature set with the addition of redundant power supplies.