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Ross Video’s openGear Wins SBE Award

Ross Video’s openGear platform has won the Society of Broadcast Engineers Technology Award, which will be presented during the organization’s national meeting, Oct. 10 and 11 in Monroeville, Pa.

“We are extremely pleased and honored openGear has won the SBE Technology Award,” said Eric Goodmurphy, marketing product manager for RossGear. “This award recognizes the partners and individuals that are committed to the advancement of terminal equipment technology by setting a new standard in the broadcast industry.”

The openGear concept is based on a card tray with open-architecture design that allows an intermixing of card devices from a number of companies within the common tray. Partners in this venture now include Ross Video, Ward-Beck, Sonifex, BAL Broadcast, Redbyte Design, Cobalt Digital, Wohler, Telecast, Practel, Algolith, B&M, Norpack, Chromatec and Claratech.

The SBE award recognizes an SBE individual or sustaining member that provides the best new or innovative technical item or ideas for furthering the science of broadcast engineering or assisting broadcast engineers to be more productive.