Rohde & Schwarz launches R&S AEM100

Rohde & Schwarz launched the R&S AEM100 multiplexer, which is designed to enable network operators to expand their existing ATSC transmitter networks for ATSC Mobile DTV quickly and reliably. The multiplexer inserts the mobile data into the existing ATSC multiplex. A special error-protection technique ensures interference-free reception on the mobile user equipment. Using complex error-correction algorithms (Reed-Solomon and turbo codes), the R&S AEM100 creates this protection and generates the required robust transport stream, which is output via a standard asynchronous serial interface (ASI) or via Ethernet. Because the Ethernet interface allows network operators to use a conventional IP infrastructure for signal distribution, no additional costs are incurred.

The R&S AEM100 includes all of the required functions for ATSC Mobile DTV. ATSC network operators can upgrade their equipment to this new standard quickly and easily by inserting the multiplexer into the existing system between ATSC headend and transmitter. The user's ATSC headend and its components do not have to be replaced.

The multiplexer comes with the SFN function already integrated. This function, which can be optionally activated, makes it possible to simultaneously supply the ATSC Mobile DTV transport stream from the multiplexer to several transmitters. This allows simultaneous transmission on the same frequency in SFNs.

The ATSC Mobile DTV functionality can be configured, controlled and monitored using a Web browser locally or remotely. All commands for automatic monitoring and for the instrument settings are available over an SNMP interface.