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Realviz Introduces ReTimer Plug-In

Image processing software developer Realviz has released ReTimer SD, an After Effects plug-in offering video artists working in SD resolution a "one stop" solution for manipulating frame rates.

The ReTimer SD, introduced at MacExpo 2002 in London, lets users slow down or speed up the frame rate of any video, film or image sequence in standard definition PAL and NTSC. Using technology that calculates individual pixel movement, the ReTimer SD automatically generates new frames in between existing frames when changing the speed of image sequences without the need of slow motion cameras.

Additional features include motion blur, which adds realism to fast moving sequences, a variable retiming factor and the ability to work with progressive or interlaced video footage without having to interpolate frames.

ReTimer SD is compatible with Discreet Combustion, Apple Final Cut Pro and MS Windows. A Mac OS X version of the product will ship January 2003.

ReTimer SD is shipping for MS Windows for $790.