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Rack Mount Rasterizer, Handheld T&M

THATCHAM, BERKSHIRE, UKPHABRIX has released V9 software for its Rx rack mount rasterizer series, adding many new features. The

rack mount Rx features an inbuilt screen, modular cards, SDI and HDMI output, remote control via TCP/IP, low power and a slim profile. There are three instruments in the range, the Rx2000 with two video/instrument inbuilt screens, and the Rx1000 and Rx500 with OLED control screens. Each have a rasterized output i.e. to an output monitor of your choice, HDMI or SDI.

The new TAG handheld is also now available. This is a low cost test and measurement instrument supporting SDI, analogue and optical interfaces, priced at US$3495.