QuSteam unveils Cheetah V5-DVI video link

At IBC2007, QuStream announced the Cheetah V5-DVI, a compact modular system enabling long distance delivery of DVI and VGA component video and stereo audio over a single optical fiber or coaxial cable.

Cheetah V5-DVI modules can be used as standalone devices or up to four can be mounted in a 1RU frame with integral cooling system and power distribution. The V5-DVI is optimized for interfacing to any of QuStream's Cheetah range of routers, providing the ability to route DVI.

QuStream Cheetah V5-DVI modules are available with built-in support for both multimode and single-mode cable, offering the user a signal range of up to 6mi when using single-mode fiber. Single origination point-to-single-destination-point systems can be configured using one transmit and one receive module. Distributed signal processing allows Cheetah V5 transmit and receive modules to be located next to the sending and receiving devices.

For more information, visit www.qustream.com.