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QuickPlay Media apologizes for bugs with month of free service

Two weeks into QuickPlay Media’s launch of mobile TV service on BlackBerry’s App World, it offered its subscribers $7.99 (the price of a one-month subscription) as a “recognition of the inconvenience” for failing to load enough content into the service quickly enough.

The PrimeTime2Go mobile TV service lets users download an unlimited number of TV shows per month including “90210,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Jon Stewart Show” and “Monk.” The episodes expire after a couple of weeks. The downloads are initially conducted over WiFi; thereafter, subscribers can watch them any time.

Tricia Duryee at describes the problem as only about as big as QuickPlay’s sweetener:

“In occasional use over the past couple of weeks, I didn’t notice a lack of content. There’s 19 TV networks participating … But where things seemed a little light were in the number of episodes available … Overall, the service works fairly smoothly, and I had no complaints. Only once was my show interrupted by a call, and then when I flipped back, it started over from the beginning of the show. Otherwise, it’s intelligent enough to pick up where it left off.”