Quantum Launches StorNext API

Quantum Corp. has launched StorNext Application Programming Interface or "SNAPI," to customize the way applications interact with Quantum's StorNext data management software.

Quantum's StorNext data management software manages digital assets in high-performance workflow and multitier archive settings. Quantum's iMover technology allows StorNext to move data across multiple disk and tape storage tiers, while maintaining transparent access to the files.

Application and solution providers can tune StorNext for individual requirements, such as data ingest, on-demand data movement, retrieval operation, and more.

"In the majority of environments, applications will basically just sit on top of infrastructure products," said Paul Zuhorski, director of software products for Quantum. "While this may be okay within smaller or less intensive environments, larger enterprise customers demand a more robust level of integration. We developed the StorNext API to allow this next level of interaction, offering hooks into StorNext's IO operations, reporting and iMover engine."

The San Jose, Calif.-based storage company specializes in backup, recovery and archives.