Quantel unveils Final Cut Pro embedded into Quantel workflow

At IBC2008, Quantel announced the full integration of Apple’s Final Cut Pro into the Quantel Enterprise sQ server-based production environment.

The integration gives Final Cut Pro editors full access to both rushes and metadata as well as to edited sequences generated on Quantel desktop and craft editing workstations.

It also means Final Cut Pro participates fully in the Quantel workflow, can be used to create stories, finish those started on Quantel workstations and publish directly to the Quantel server for playout.

The Final Cut Pro editor can work directly with media held on the Quantel server, without having to first import media; output can happen the moment the edit is completed. Similarly, Quantel editors can access stories started on Final Cut Pro. In both cases, edits remain live throughout the system right up to playout.

For more information, visit www.quantel.com.