Products - August


Media Composer Adrenaline

Avid Technology has introduced the Media Composer Adrenaline system. It combines the latest Media Composer software with the new Adrenaline hardware to offer realtime, multistream, uncompressed standard definition video editing and 10-bit high definition media expandability.

Broadcast Pix


Broadcast Pix recently introduced the StudioSD, an all-SD version of the company's Broadcast Pix Studio video production system. StudioSD includes an integrated Leitch Panacea router and comes with hard and soft control panels, workstation, DDR, Inscriber CG, switching, two Pinnacle DVEs, stillstore, logos, and PowerPoint store.


RES-150 & RES Flex Series

Canopus has announced the RES-150 and the RES Flex Series, a new line of custom configurable video editing workstations centered around the DVStorm 2. The RES-150 is powered by an Intel Pentium 4 processor with Hyper-Threading Technology, 1GB of DDR memory, a 40GB system drive, and a 160GB disk. The RES Flex Series line features a new configuration ordering system, which gives Canopus Authorized Partners the ability to tailor RES systems to their customers' needs.



Canon recently introduced the NU-700, a network controllable pan/tilt/zoom system. With it, users now can take advantage of the company's P/T/Z head technology for building exterior and warehouse monitoring, weather and traffic surveillance, and outdoor security. The NU-700N combines a 1/4-inch, 3-CCD Canon video camera with a built-in 20X optical zoom lens and 5X digital function for a powerful 100X zoom range.

FOCUS Enhancements


FOCUS Enhancements
recently introduced FS-3, a portable DV disk recorder that mounts directly to professional DV camcorders. It eliminates capturing in the video production process to provide instant access from nonlinear editing (NLE) applications. It weighs approximately 2 pounds and is configured for most professional DV camcorders.


HD Video Pak & Battery Belt

LibertyPak has introduced the new high definition Video Pak, which can run Sony 24p and Panasonic cameras for more than 5-1/2 hours on a single charge. It has more than 400W of power. LibertyPak also introduced a new 33V, 24-amp battery belt designed exclusively for portable lighting.


HeadLine Series

OmniBus Systems (OmniBus) has launched the HeadLine Media Editor Series, a new family of timeline-based desktop editors. The series comprises three products, the Edit 1000, the Edit 2000, and the Edit 3000, each sharing a common user interface and core functionality. The interface can be controlled through a standard keyboard and mouse or using a specialist jog and shuttle panel.

PESA Switching Systems


PESA Switching Systems has recently introduced the MCLite, a digital, multichannel standard definition master control switcher. It features multichannel SDTV operation; a compact A/B mix-effects processor; up to four keying layers; a logo keyer with internal storage; extensive logo management software; optional DVE squeezeback; AES and embedded audio processing; automation and GPIO interfaces; redundant power supplies; and relay bypass protection.


OnAir 500

Studer has released the OnAir 500, a compact console designed for the smallest live on-air applications and for outside broadcast operations. It has six channel faders, two master faders, an integrated routing system, and comprehensive monitoring and talkback facilities for the control room and studio.

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