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Pixelmetrix introduces stream redundancy for IP monitoring

Test & Measurement equipment provider Pixelmetrix has introduced a new stream redundancy mode in its DVStation-IP3 Transport Stream monitoring product line.

DVStation-IP3 is a comprehensive monitoring engine for IPTV, cable, satellite and terrestrial providers utilizing an IP infrastructure to transport and deliver video. It provides real-time protocol measurement and status in both the IP and Transport Stream protocol layers, including detailed IP and transport stream analysis, complete service visualization and IP headend output verification. Features include full Gigabit line rate monitoring for all services, media delivery index (MDI), HD and SD support for H.264 and MPEG-2, to facilitate effective quality of service and quality of experience monitoring.

In most systems today, whenever there is an encoder failure, a hot-standby redundant encoder takes control and maintains channel availability at all times. The DVStation-IP3’s new stream redundancy mode enables the automatic recognition and monitoring of the stream from the redundant encoder.

In this new mode, users can mask attributes like source IP, source port and destination port, and allow recognition of the redundant stream purely on the basis of the destination IP address or a combination of unmasked parameters and monitor it automatically. The system periodically scans the streams monitored and based on the mask settings recognizes the redundant stream on failure of any currently monitored stream.

Pixelmetrix offers a wide range of IPTV and preventive monitoring systems that provide unique attributes and versatility while allowing operators to achieve end-to-end visibility and keep tabs on their network architecture.