Pixel Power introduces new control interfaces for BrandMaster switcher

Pixel Power has introduced an extensive array of new control interfaces and features for its BrandMaster switcher designed to simplify master control operations. The new Video Switch Panel (VSP) for BrandMaster uses full-color TFT switches that can display static images or moving video of graphic and video assets. Infinitely reconfigurable enhanced software control panels include support for touch screens with gestures, and expanded router intelligence within BrandMaster remaps all master control interfaces, signals and displays to a channel with a single button press.

Combining the latest display technology, tactile-feel switches for source selection and advanced electro-mechanical design, Pixel Power has put together a panel that will have users rethinking what can be done within a standard 19in width and 3RU form factor. Intelligent design combined with the TFT technology enables operators to do more actions directly from the panel, rather than having to work through multiple levels of nested menus.