Pioneer Merges DVD With TiVo

Consumers who love hi-tech television equipment now have access to a DVD recorder combined with the TiVo services, a creation of Pioneer Electronics. Users can have TiVo record a program onto a hard drive, then copy the show to a DVD for long-term storage, along with many other features.

The Elite DVR-57H and the DVR-810H can schedule and record programs while playing a DVD, play TiVo-recorded shows while copying onto a DVD and transfer content at high speeds to a DVD. The DVR-57H uses a 120 GB hard drive, the DVR-81OH an 80 GB unit. Both use Faroudja DCDi progressive scan circuitry for high-image-quality DVD playback.

The two units currently offer the basic TiVo service with no upfront monthly fee, though users can upgrade the service if they wish. The basic service allows viewers to pause live TV, repeat recording by time and date and set recordings through three days of program guide data. The advanced package's features include a 14-day program guide and the option to search shows by title.

Both recorders have a 181-channel cable TV tuner. Additionally, the recorder automatically searches a DVD for available recording space, obviating the need to find the next available opening manually. The recorders can also be hooked to VCRs so VHS material can be copied to DVD.

For copy protection, the recorders recognize Macrovision and CGMS flags used by many content providers.