Pinnacle Systems Device Transfers Video Directly to Handhelds

Home viewers and video pros alike could benefit from a new device from Avid Technology that records analog video from a TV, DVD, camcorder or similar device onto any USB 2.0 storage device—such as an iPod or flash drive—without using a PC.

The Pinnacle Video Transfer allows users to select one of three different recording levels, depending on their preference for video quality or the actual size of the video files.

“Today’s more mobile consumers have created an insatiable demand for a solution that lets them take their content with them wherever they go,” said Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research, a market research firm based in Tiburon, Calif. “With the ability to transfer video without having to use a PC, Pinnacle’s new pocket-sized device takes video transfer to a whole new level.”

For consumers with personal videos on VHS, Hi8 or VHS-C tape, Pinnacle Video Transfer can be used to make a digital copy on a USB 2.0 hard drive for safe keeping without having to deal with a PC.

Videos are captured in the H.264 format (aka the Advanced Video Codec (AVC) spec or MPEG 4-Part 10), the high-compression multimedia technology supported by iPods and PSPs. This eliminates the need for time-consuming conversion. In its highest-quality mode, the device can capture video at up to 720x480/576 (NTSC/PAL) resolution.

The device measures less than 4.9x2.7x1 inches and supports multiple inputs including S-Video, Composite video and stereo audio analog. By purchasing additional cables, Pinnacle Video Transfer can also be used to recharge an iPod or PSP battery during video transfer.

Pinnacle Video Transfer will be available Jan. 15, 2008.