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Pharos to launch new content management system at IBC

Pharos will introduce the latest version of its Mediator content management system at IBC. The new Mediator 4 includes new features and functionality for library management, file ingest, QC, promotions, compliance and approvals. Mediator 4 also adds new options to manage global content from the desktop.

Mediator 4 offers advanced search tools for users with browse software at every desktop. Its multi-language user interface allows professionals to share the same system and material, to work together both locally and remotely using their preferred language.

There’s also a new Playtime Web-based playout automation user interface that allows playout and publishing operations to be easily and reliably distributed. These Playtime templates enable traffic or scheduling systems to directly manage channel and content promotion for any distribution platform including VOD, IPTV and mobile. Playtime templates also can be used to manage all secondary events such as graphics, subtitles and multi-language audio as a single business process.

Finally, the new Mediator 4 Business Reports provides a unique range of three report types that allow supervisors and senior management to improve short-term and long-range business planning. Every action in Mediator is tracked in real time against business priorities such as the schedule or service level agreement.

See Pharos at IBC Stand 10.D31, or visit