Phabrix Products Pass JT-NM Testing

(Image credit: Phabrix)

THATCHAM, U.K.—Phabrix recently announced that a pair of its products, the Qx rasterizer and the handheld Sx TAG, have passed a pair of JT-NM self-tests, meeting the criteria for SMPTE ST 2110 and AWMA NMOS TR-1001-1.

Designed by the Joint Task Force on Networked Media, the tests provide insight into how vendor equipment aligns with IP-based standards. 

The Qx ST 2110 core IP feature that was tested provides ST 2110 confidence status monitoring and was designed for HD IP ST 2110/2022-7 AMWA NMOS and ST 2022-6 environments. The core ST 2110 toolset supports simultaneous decapsulation of one video, two audio and one ANC data flow. It is able to support SMPTE’s ST 2059 (PTP), ST 2110-20 (uncompressed video). -30 (PCM digital audio), -31 (AES transparent transports) and -40 (ANC data) protocols. ST 2022-7 seamless protection (SIPS) is provided for all four flows over two media network interfaces using industry standard 10Gbps SFPs.

The Sx TAG, meanwhile, tested the encapsulation and decapsulation of ST 2110-20/30/31/40 with IP to SDI gateway, ST 2059 PTP, AMWA NMOS and ST 2022-6. The system has hybrid operation that is supported with a built-in synchronizer that allows asynchronous SDI sources to be locked to PTP for ST 2110 encapsulation.

“We’re delighted with the recent JT-NM self-tested results,” said Phillip Adams, CEO of Phabrix. “Phabrix is committed to complying with the growing list of standards our industry is facing, with the JT-NM program offering a trusted reference source for our customers.”

These tests of Phabrix products took place during the JT-NM Spring 2020 self-test and are published in the JT-NM Spring 2020 Self-Test Catalogs.

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