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PHABRIX delivering new rack-mounted test gear

PHABRIX announced that it will soon be delivering its new production Rx 2000 rack-mount test and measurement system. The Rx 2000 is a dual-screen 2RU platform capable of accepting up to four modules providing eight simultaneous inputs, if required. The ability of the Rx to accept different modules to support analysis, eye and jitter analysis, test pattern generation, Dolby, MADI and ASI options on the new platform provides broadcast engineers with a cost effective centralized system for broadcast T&M.

The Rx range of rack-mount products elevates PHABRIX into the mainstream of available test and measurement systems. A suite of modules are available for the Rx series, each compatible with the 2U dual-screen Rx 2000, the Rx 1000 1U and the 'baby' Rx 500 half-rack 1U rasterizer. Broadcasters and broadcast manufacturers can now add additional T&M requirements quickly and easily to the platform at a fraction of the cost usually associated with this quality of instrumentation.