PESA Unveils Tiger Fusion 12G Single-Link 4K Distribution System

PESA Tiger Fusion
(Image credit: PESA)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.—PESA has released the Tiger Fusion 12G SDI/IP single-link 4K video distribution system for mission-critical command-and-control situations, such as those found in military and government briefing centers, as well as applications on cruise ships and in sports stadiums and post-production houses, the company said.

"Tiger Fusion meets the need for simplified management of large 4K installations via single-link 12G SDI," said PESA CTO Scott Barella. "With our flexible, signal-agnostic control system, Tiger Fusion enables hybrid workspaces utilizing SMPTE ST 2110 IP gateways and HDMI 2.0."

The single-link 4K matrix offers a 12G design to reduce cabling and simplify management. It accommodates a hybrid mix of SDI (1.5G, 3G, 6G and 12G), HDMI (1.4 and 2.0) and SMPTE ST 2110 IP inputs and outputs with an 18RU frame, said PESA.

“PESA's dedication to innovation and creating industry firsts over the years continues today with Tiger Fusion," said Howard Sutton, PESA chairman and CEO. "The unmatched design of Tiger Fusion is a testament to the ability of our development teams to create an extraordinary product."

Tiger Fusion enables the UHD workflows at the heart of mission-critical applications to be reliably managed and routed, the company said.

More information is available on the PESA website.

Phil Kurz

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