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Penta Goes Native HD

German manufacturer Penta has unveiled a new line up of native HD displays in the form of its HD2line LCD Monitor Series, with new 8.4", 17" and 32" monitors now available. The new 8.4" monitor is available as rack-mountable dual monitor bridge as well as a single display, bringing HD2line quality to smaller dimensions.

Penta CEO Norbert Riesener said: "Our new 17" display is especially designed for broadcasters' transition to 720p. It features 1280x768 resolution, so 720p HD signals can be displayed natively and there's still room for displaying dynamic IMD and Tally, which is also a new feature of the whole HD2line series."

Penta's new 17" display is based on IPS technology to ensure high levels of colour accuracy even at high viewing angles and is the company's take on an HD answer to existing CRT monitors.

More than 100 Penta HD2line LCD monitors of various sizes were used by German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF for its coverage of the Beijing Olympics. A further 60 displays have also been commissioned at NDR in Hamburg for its new PCR 3. These are mostly 24" LCDs that receive their signal via SDI and dynamic IMD and Tally information from a VSM controller over Ethernet.