PatchAmp Introduces New Product for 1080p Applications

PatchAmp, a manufacturer of patching systems and video distribution technology, has announced the introduction of a 4 RU system to handle 3 Gbps data rates required for 1080p high-definition video.

The new PA-901 Lite system combines four 2x32 patch panels with distribution amplifiers and guarantees that all signals are reclocked and equalized as they pass through the patches. The technology eliminates the usual external wiring between DA. and patch panel and by doing, so simplifies installation work at the user’s site.

The new product is the result of teamwork between PatchAmp and Trompeter, an established supplier of patching systems for broadcast users.

“Trompeter was interested in putting the effort into making it work,” said Jim Tronolone, PatchAmp’s vice president of engineering. “They were very positive and saw this as an opportunity to incorporate their patchjacks into a one-of-a-kind design.”

The new device weighs 35 pounds and incorporates 1x4 multirate distribution amplifiers as part of the signal paths.