PAC-12 Networks Enhance Graphics With ChyronHego Paint

ChyronHego Paint provides quick turnaround for in-game graphics.
SAN FRANCISCO—Wholly owned by 12 universities, Pac-12 Networks—which includes the members of the Pac-12 collegiate athletic conference—features a rich lineup of sports programming. Every year, we offer live coverage of 850 sporting events and produce extensive original programming through one national and six regional networks. In addition to showcasing marquee football and basketball events, we also cover traditionally underserved women’s and global sporting events.


In order to provide the best possible viewing experience for televised Pac-12 games and events, we’re continually challenged to stay on the cutting edge of broadcast graphics. That’s why we decided to give fans one more thing to cheer about at the start of the 2014 football season: state-of-the-art on-air graphics analysis capabilities using ChyronHego Paint.

Although we had worked with other graphics systems in the past, we needed a solution that would enable us to add enhanced graphics analysis breakdowns to video packages in quick turnaround situations. As an advanced telestration tool designed specifically for the needs of sports broadcasters, Paint was the ideal solution. With our existing ChyronHego BlueNet graphics workflow already in place to include HyperX3, Camio, and Channel Box, we knew we could expect Paint to offer rich functionality coupled with extreme ease of use; and we haven’t been disappointed.

Most events televised by Pac-12 Networks are driven through our exclusive Mobile Input-Output (MI/O) appliances, which travel from venue to venue. In effect, the MI/O box replaces the satellite truck and sits next to the mobile truck, uploading and downloading data throughout the game through a specialized fiber link. Central to our IP workflow for multicam productions, the MI/O boxes are the pipelines that feed raw video and audio assets to the central Pac-12 studio. The inbound content goes to an edit bay where a technician uses Chyron-Hego Paint’s feature-rich telestration tools to visually analyze gameplay and to graphically enhance and highlight the video.


In one common Paint application, a technician creates a custom, telestrated content package that the on-air talent can use to illustrate talking points during pregame, post-game, and halftime programs; for example, a Cody Kessler touchdown package that uses telestration to demonstrate the USC Trojans quarterback’s correct reads and outstanding offensive drives during the first half.

Since these enhanced graphics become part of the storyline of a game, the Paint telestration elements have enabled us to push the quality of our live game productions to the next level. Because Paint is so easy to use, it’s ideal for the quick turnaround environment of a typical game broadcast in which live content must be processed immediately for presentation during a halftime show. In my experience, Paint is second-to-none for producing highquality and high-value graphics quickly and easily, and it’s now an essential component in our IP production workflow.

Erwin Tugadi is manager for pre/post event content for the Pac-12 Networks, based in San Francisco. He may be contacted

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