Orad Updates Social Media Hub

KFAR SABA, ISRAEL—Orad released a new version of its Social Media Hub platform. The open-source SMH serves as a gateway for interfacing with third-party Social Media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. SMH lets users query, retrieve, review, filter and aggregate data into carrousels of messages that can be distributed alongside the broadcast thanks to seamless integration with Orad graphic controllers Maestro, 3DPlay and Morpho.

The new SMH release features a moderation component that automates sifting through the large quantities of social media data. Employing an automatic assessment engine, SMH organizes data based on keywords and rating for each keyword. Combined with automatic filtering, moderators can use SMH to quickly exclude social media content based on user-defined rules, reducing the amount of content they need to review. Multiple moderators can work on the same or different message search, and add content to the same or different messages. Similarly, it is possible to restrict searches to messages generated within a given geographical location, so that only messages from those living near where the news item took place are visible.

Once selected, SMH connects with Orad graphic controllers and pushes messages to social networks using the same graphics that were played on air. For example, a fully animated graphic element of a weather forecast can be published directly to the social media automatically when the graphic element is played on air during the TV broadcast.