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Orad Releases Maestro Suite 6.1 Enterprise Graphics Solution at 2012 NAB Show

At the 2012 NAB Show, Orad will release Maestro Suite 6.1, the latest version of its enterprise graphics solution for realtime, pre- and post-production environments. The new version has features that improve usability in studio environments and connection to external systems and data sources.

Orad also developed an iPad application designed to enable television anchors on-set to control Maestro graphics and play them to air at any moment, so relevant graphics can follow the flow of show.

Data from Facebook and Twitter can now be input to Maestro and filtered and connected to any object (including tickers), like any other data source. In the case of tickers, the journalist, editor, or other Maestro operator can manually filter entries for on air display.

With Maestro's support for Avid Command, users can now control video and graphics from a single interface. It also offers a new NLE plug-in for Adobe Premiere, expanding Maestro's list of supported NLE systems.

The 2012 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 14-19. Orad will be at booth SL4524.