OPTICOMM Boosts RGB Performance

OPTICOMM Corp. has released the RGB-4000 fiber for high-resolution digital video including plasma screens, projectors, theaters and stadiums. It combines VGA H/V video, audio, keyboard and mouse control and data over one fiber, providing high-resolution video up to 1,600 x 1,200 and eliminating the need for multiple fiber handling.

"We've reduced the cost of installation and maintenance with our 6-to-1 fiber consolidation", said David Caidar, president and CEO of OPTICOMM. "Our goal was to simplify the cabling infrastructure and save space in equipment rooms, with fewer fiber optic cables running through conduits--we're responding to requests for simpler systems with higher requirements."

The RGB-4000 single-fiber system is compatible with all common RGB techniques.

It transmits video, audio, and data across single-mode (SM) or multimode (MM) fiber, at wavelengths of 850/1,300 and 1,300/1,550 respectively. The distances achieved with MM fiber are up to 1.5 kilometers, while SM can transmit up to 25 kilometers. The RGB-4000 is digital, eliminating the distortion and degradation that can occur with analog transmissions. With precise color management, the digital signal can be used directly or through a video matrix switch. The audio is CD-quality across one stereo channel.