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NVersion develops FCC-compliant on-air verification and logger

Nversion’s NVero is a new hardware and software online verification and live video/audio logger application that helps broadcasters comply with FCC requirements, stop profane programming and capture questionable on-air content, all while utilizing the latest in traffic verification technology.

The unit encodes off-air composite feeds as Internet-resolution media files and stores those encoded media files for user-specified period of time. Content can be logged in digital format and then verified using a standard media player from any approved PC on the network.

Users can search for video by the date and time that it aired and view it either locally or via e-mail. They can also connect NVero to the Internet for remote access of video logs to third parties. Closed captioning is included from the encode to the media player process.

Coupled with NVersion’s automation acquisition software, NVero can also be used as a dual-encode device creating low-res encoded copies of files for traffic scheduling verification.