Nucomm to feature Messenger IP

Nucomm will highlight its Messenger IP Encapsulator/Decapsulator, which enables broadband IP connectivity between an electronic newsgathering (ENG) truck or OB van and the broadcast studio, during NAB2008.

Designed to support emerging, distributed news editing workflows, the Nucomm Messenger makes it easier for stories to be edited in the field and delivered to the studio over alternative networks.

With an IP network in place, other applications, such as remote queuing and remote truck control, can also run between the studio and the ENG vehicle.

The Nucomm Messenger can be used in trickle or broadband mode. In trickle mode, live video and IP traffic are sent simultaneously; the live video reduces the IP traffic to a rate in the range of 100Kb/s-1Mb/s. The Messenger does this transfer by replacing null packets with IP packets. In the broadband mode, nearly the entire link is dedicated to IP traffic.

See Nucomm in NAB booth C3007, or visit