Nucomm Now Entirely HD-Ready With New 7 Series

Nucomm's entire ENG/OB product line is now capable of HD operation using built in encoding/decoding technology.

The Hackettstown, New Jersey-based company unveiled its new 7 Series HD and HD-ready product lines, which can be delivered with HD capability or as SD and can be easily field upgraded to HD via a software key.

All 7 Series products still contain Nucomm features such as multiple modulation modes (VSB, COFDM, DVB-S, FM) and dual/tri-band RF outputs.

"Prior to this launch, with the exception of the CamPac2 and Newscaster DR, Nucomm products were not capable of HD operation unless you used a third-party HD encoder and decoder product", said Nucomm CEO Dr. John Payne. "Through our new 7 Series, we are now able to offer fully integrated products that can be interchangeably used in both HD and SD formats. This eliminates the need for external accessories that would otherwise be required, presenting simplicity and convenience for today's broadcaster".

Among the products in the series are the Channel Master TX7 portable transmitter, the Channel Master RX7 portable receiver, the Newscaster VT7 ENG/OB van transmitter and the Newscaster CR7 central receiver. A limited number of 7 Series products are shipping in January and February with full production slated for March 2008.