Nucoda and Film Factory create ‘Immortals’ images

Swedish film processing specialist Image Systems supported Paris-based Film Factory, a global post production company, in finishing Relativity Media’s film The Immortals. The visual effects-heavy movie, releasing in 2D and 3-D, required cutting-edge looks and tools to create a strong graphical vision for the story. To help bring the film to fruition, Film Factory senior colorist and post-production Supervisor Lionel Kopp collaborated with the filmmakers to create a dailies-to-DI process built around the Nucoda Film Master. The Nucoda grading and mastering solution provided Film Factory with the toolset necessary to achieve the surreal look, and streamlined the workflow, which included around 12 VFX houses around the globe.

From the producers of 300 and director Tarsem Singh, The Immortals opened worldwide Nov. 11. It tells the mythical tale of a power-mad king (Mickey Rourke) who assails ancient Greece and threatens to destroy mankind, until a young villager (Henry Cavill) rises up against him. The movie was produced in Montreal and photographed by cinematographer Brendan Galvin.