NewTek Unveils ProTek Tiered Product Support Program

NewTek ProTek Product Support
(Image credit: NewTek)

SAN ANTONIO—NewTek has announced its ProTek tiered support program that allows customers to select among four levels of coverage, thereby giving them a way to tailor support to meet their needs.

“ProTek is our commitment to customers to ensure that their investment is supported in whichever way they feel is best,” said NewTek President and General Manager Barbara Spicek.

The four levels include: Basic, Standard, High and Ultra. Each tier incorporates support elements under warranty, software maintenance, technical support and extended services, the company said.

“In the spirit of partnership, the higher tiers of our ProTek program also offer the ability to provide feedback and input into future product development,” said Spicek. “Few people, other than our customers, are in a better position to help us shape the future of our products than the people using them day in and day out.”

ProTek is available for purchase with NewTek producers across the four tiers. Each is priced differently depending upon the product being supported.

More information is available on the NewTek website (opens in new tab).

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