New Vimeo Tools Ease Social Platform Distribution

NEW YORK—Vimeo today announced a pair of new tools—Simulcast and Publish to Social—to help producers more easily blanket social media with their content.


Simulcast makes it possible for live events from the Vimeo platform to be simultaneously streamed on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Periscope. Publish to Social enables producers to publish their content natively to Facebook and YouTube with a single click. Both are available to members of specific paid Vimeo plans, the company said.

“Our new social distribution tools will give Vimeo creators a wider audience, deeper engagement and a fundamentally simplified distribution process,” said Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud in a press release.

Simulcast eliminates the need for producers to send separate streams to each desired social media platform, reducing overall bandwidth use and associated costs. Live streams distributed via Simulcast are archived automatically, the company said.

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Publish to Social does away with the need to upload videos separately to different social platforms. It also increases the reach of a producer’s content because social platforms like Facebook favor native uploads and give them greater visibility, Vimeo said. The new tool also offers producers a way to track plays, likes and other stats on a side-by-side basis across platforms.

More information is available in a blog from Vimeo.

Phil Kurz

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