New tools allow cutting and splicing inside the MXF wrapper

Blue Lucy Media (BLM) has introduced Miura, a range of software-based video signal processing tools for broadcast and professional video applications, including video to file-based ingest with metadata logging, and the recently announced MXF Tailor, which enables seamless cutting/splicing of MXF wrapped media without decoding.

The BLM MXF Tailor is a service engine that allows the seamless cutting and splicing of audio and video material stored in an MXF wrapper /container. Designed as the conforming engine component of the BLM Miura Editor, and the File Logger where it is used for sub-clipping, the MXF Tailor allows lossless file stitching at incredible speed.

Miura File Logger is a logging tool for file-based content and is designed to enable metadata to be easily appended to content using configurable templates. Operators can review media in real time, including playback and review of Windows Media files, while the ingest process is ongoing, adding metadata as required. The result, typically XML, is metadata text delineated by time code that is then easily stored in a media asset management system for later use. Miura Logger has applications in both post-production compliance and live event coverage such as in reality TV or sport.

Miura Ingest is a complete client/server-based video and audio ingester that offers the highest standard in linear to file-based content acquisition for both SD and HD sources. Using the Blackmagic DeckLink capture card, Miura Ingest accepts an (HD or SD) SDI signal at any standard of frame rate/resolution and writes a full-resolution master file at a high bit rate together with a lower resolution, frame locked, browse quality proxy at the same time, and in real time.