Pay as you go subscription model of this workflow technology builds on AVvA's core scheduling and resource booking abilities to offer additional tools to help users better manage their businesses; these include three optional modules that deliver financial, reporting and collaboration capabilities such as real-time invoicing, project quoting and interoperability with third-party systems; modules are available on an ad-hoc basis so that one, two or all three can be turned on and off as needed.
Stand: 1.D30

Boxx TV

Portable, point-to-point microwave link carries two video streams or one 3-D feed, with no errors and no latency; designed to be an alternative to fiber on productions where cables would get in the way; transports a video stream without compression, so there is no encoding delay; one version supports all HD formats; works over distances of around 500m.
Stand: 11.C66

Vision blue

Pan-and-tilt head is designed to offer camera operators with support to match the high performance of today's lightweight camcorders and DSLRs equipped for video; balances payloads between 2.1kg to 5kg with a low center of gravity around 55mm; features Vision LF drag technology for smooth movement and precise framing, as well as a high-contrast blue LED illuminated leveling bubble for quick, accurate setup in all lighting situations.
Stand: 9.850

TV One

CORIO matrix scaling routing switcher features 16 AV universal module slots; the CORIO matrix automatically recognizes the modules inserted as an input or output module; there is no dedicated input or output slots when using the two-channel DVI-U or 3G-SDI modules; can be configured up to 32 I/O combinations using 3G-SDI/DVI-U connection combinations; up to 64 I/Os are possible using only HD-SDI modules.
Stand: 7.C27

WinCAPS Q-Live

Software is designed for subtitling live and near-live programs; integrates speech recognition, a newsroom computer system interface and a simplified user interface to improve speed and accuracy.
Stand 3.B67

Camera Corps

Optical fiber link allows the company's remote heads, and in particular the Q/Ball HD/SD remote pan/tilt/zoom camera system, to be operated over much longer distances than traditional copper cable; integral LC connectors allow fast attachment of dual single-mode optical fibers to the link; power can be sourced from the same 12V supply as the Q-Ball; equalization and reclocking within the integral video processor allow long cables to be used from the camera to the link; video output is via a standard 75Ω BNC connector.
Stand: 10.C49

LYNX Technik
PDM 1284 B/D

Eight-channel 3G/HD/SD audio embedder/de-embedder is available in two verisons; PDM 1284B or unbalanced audio functions either as a four-channel AES embedder or de-embedder, or as a two-channel AES embedder and de-embedder; PDM 1284D for balanced audio provides simultaneous embedding and de-embedding for four AES inputs/outputs; both units automatically detect the audio format and deactivate the sample rate converters to preserve encoded bit streams such as DolbyE.
Stand: 8.E24

Petrol Bags
DSLR Camera Rollpak

Main chamber of the camera trolley/backpack is contoured to fit a video-enabled DSLR camera with the lens attached; an ultra-wide U-shaped opening offers fast and easy access; removable rigid dividers fold into pockets for storing and organizing accessories; contents are protected on all sides by layers of durable cushioned red fabric; a second, padded rear pocket is designed to hold a laptop computer with up to a 17in screen.
Stand: 11.D61

Cooltouch RX-702HD

Dual 7in widescreen LCD monitor is designed to fit 3RU of a standard 19in rack space; handles SD-SDI and HD-SDI (625/525 autosensing), HDMI, component, dual composite video and audio; each of the two screens is a high-brightness active matrix TFT LCD with 800 RGB triads x 480 pixels resolution; aspect ratio is switchable between 16:9 and 4:3; each display is complemented by its own audio monitoring channel sourced from analog inputs or extracted for the SDI streams.
Stand: 8.E49

Prime Focus Technologies

Hybrid cloud-based digital architecture offers a multiplatform content operations infrastructure and global digital pipeline of digital media processing and delivery services; puts content at the center of the enterprise and is managed to enable concurrent work processes across various platform operations; a new CLEAR iPad app allows both creative and operational staff on the move to stay connected and work remotely.
Stand: 7.D20

Sisvel Technology
3D Tile Format

3-D transmission system encodes stereoscopic images by integrating two 720p frames within a single 1080p frame; provides better-quality images for 3-D content and maintains backward compatibility; enables viewers not equipped for 3-D to view the transmission as 2-D images on their full HD sets; reconstructed right and left images maintain their original 720p spatial and temporal resolution, giving viewers of both versions the full benefit of the original picture; the transmission of both 2D and 3-D can be achieved without the need for increased bandwidth.
Stand: 13.106

BkS300 series

Multiformat streaming servers enable operators and content providers to meet the growing demand to deliver content to multiple platforms; deliver video on managed or open-Internet networks to multiple devices; support Microsoft Silverlight with DRM and Apple HTTP live streaming; dedicated to adaptive streaming; are integrated into the company's BkM100 CDN Mediator; designed to provide fail-over and load balancing management options.
Stand: 2.C40b


Content identification platform allows broadcasters, content producers and interactive application providers to offer time-synchronized-to-media applications such as ad-(re)placement and live voting; based on the company's watermarking and fingerprinting technologies to allow for accurate and rapid synchronization of interactive content; VideoSync 2nd Screen application allows for the automatic identification of the TV channel being watched and the content being played.
Stand: 2.C30

NeoScreener TV

Real-time text-to-screen system was developed in partnership with Media Broadcast Technology; latest release of the NeoScreener software; enables the reception of audience reaction in real time; moderates and publishes comments as captions on the television for broadcast.
Stand: 8.D29

XenData6 Server

Server archive management system seamlessly manages LTO tape libraries and RAID on a Windows 2008 Server platform, creating a scalable archive storage solution for professional video applications; features easy transfer of content between archive systems via LTO tape; supports the archive and restore of all file types and uses the open standard POSIX tar format for recording to LTO; supports FTP and CIFS/SMB network protocols; is compatible with a wide range of media asset management systems.
Stand: 7.H47

ContentWise 4.0

Recommendation engine enhances content discovery and engagement with a new cold-start feature that guides first-time users through a process to gather their rating feedback and establish an immediate preference profile; adds the capability to display to users the reason why a certain recommended item is being presented; provides a new analytics data warehouse and Web-based dashboards that equip marketing managers with new statistics sets presented through an interactive graphical interface.
Stand 13.332

Artel Video Systems

Time division multiplexer enables the transport of up to six HD-SDI or three 3G-SDI digital video services over a single optical wavelength; users can mix and match SD-SDI, ASI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI services into a single 10Gb/s optical transport stream; supports links in excess of 80km using industry-standard, hot-swappable 10G XFP transceivers in WEDM and DWDM wavelengths.
Stand: 2.A20

Omneon MediaDeck 7000

Four-channel media server system offers multiple-codec playback, up/down/crossconversion, HD/SD simulcast capabilities and two-channel modularity; employs two hot-pluggable MediaPort 7000 Series modules to provide video and audio I/O, as well as interfaces for external reference, timecode and automation control; can operate independently or within a larger network of Spectrum servers and Omneon MediaGrid active storage systems managed by the Omneon Media Application Server.
Stand: 1.B20

Image Systems
Nucoda 2011.2

Grading and finishing software features enhancements to the creative color toolset and post workflows, a 64-bit application for increased performance and stability for use with large-format images and 4K, and new fit tools for stereoscopic projects; offers support for the Avid 4:4:4 codec and Apple ProRes; supports the latest RED Epic and ARRI ALEXA range of cameras.
Stand: 7.A28

PS-Cam X35

Camera is made for the daily creative use of various kinds of special speed and motion effects (slow motion, fast motion, ramped motion and time lapse motion); is a combination of a sync sound and motion effects camera, providing additional frame rates all the way up to 450fps; features a 35mm-sized CMOS imager and a global shutter for enhanced motion capture capability.
Stand 11.E28

Gekko Technology
karesslite 6012 FX

Switchable LED blue/green softlight is designed for special effects and chromakey use on location or in a studio; switchable between blue (440 nanometer) and green (525 nanometer) outputs; incorporates a 6 × 12 emitter format; produces a high-quality source light with consistent color throughout the dimming range; emits very little heat.
Stand: 11.D40

ClipJOCKEY 2.0

Studio production tool is designed to provide broadcasters with an easy and affordable path to file-based workflows and a way to get more functionality from their video server instruments; version 2.0 includes support for Harris NEXIO video servers, as well as new functionality for hot-swapping server ports and simplifying advanced “live on tape” or rollback recording.
Stand: 3.B26

Note: Stand numbers are provided by IBC and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.