Time code generator, time code inserter and up/down count generator is designed for use in conjunction with Autoscript's ClockPlus time code display; users can preset and store 10 different combinations of start and stop times, addressing the requirements of many live studio presenters to have separate countdowns and program sections; embeds SMPTE/EBU Vertical Interval Timecode (VITC) into the NTSC and PAL prompt video; provides two video outputs, which can be distributed to all prompt monitors and ClockPlus units in a studio.


SP series

SP pan and tilt/tripod series includes four new models; SP80 and SP60 are compact 75mm ball tripod systems; the SP80 features a maximum payload of 22lbs, making it ideal for ENG camcorders; the SP60 offers a maximum payload of 15.4lbs, making it ideal for handheld camcorders; the SP40 75mm ball tripod system is designed for handheld cameras; it supports a load range of 4.4lbs to 8.8lbs; the SP20 is suitable for handheld cameras weighing less than 4.4lbs.



Wireless intercom system operates in the 2.4GHZ band; designed to enable interference-free communication for highly demanding productions; its wired intercom interface is compatible with Clear-Com's or RTS' two-wire systems, and provides two separate two-wire and four-wire interconnections; 1RU base station supports up to 16 full-duplex and 44 half-duplex beltpacks and/or wireless headsets by linking four base stations; a digital auto-nulling circuit allows users to eliminate the return audio of the wired two-wire intercom automatically.


Blackmagic Design
ATEM Camera Converter

Converter allows consumer HDMI or professional SDI cameras to use optical fiber for low-cost connection to live production switchers up to 25mi away; designed to let users get more cameras closer to the live action at a lower cost; includes professional local microphone inputs for high-quality audio from the camera location; also includes talkback, on-air tally and an internal battery for remote use when cameras are located far away from power sources.


Integrated Microwave Technologies
Nucomm Passive Tracker

12-way Passive Tracker receive system is an autonomous COFDM central receive system designed to simplify mobile-to-fixed and mobile-to-mobile signal acquisition; consists of an array of antennas, adaptive signal processing and maximum ratio combining techniques; requires users to set the operating frequency to work the system; the unit analyzes the RF landscape and identifies and eliminates unwanted signals before they can impair reception, allowing for spatial separation and frequency reuse; this isolation is done electronically using adaptive signal processing.


Brilliance HD Connectors

New line of connectors is designed for use with Belden Brilliance precision video coaxial cables; provide better than -20dB return loss performance through 4.5GHz, exceeding the SMPTE specification requirements; comprised of one-piece BNC compression connectors with an optional patented locking feature, optimized three-piece BNC crimp connectors, and connector tools for both one-piece and three-piece connectors.



P2 HD handheld camcorder offers 10-bit, 4:2:2 independent frame, full 1920 × 1080 resolution AVC-Intra recording; also records in DVCPRO HD, as well as SD recording in DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV; supports international HD and SD standards; equipped with two P2 card slots; can record for up to 320 minutes in AVC-Intra 100 at 720/24pN, 160 minutes in AVC-Intra 100 1080/24pN and 128 minutes in other AVC-Intra 100 or DVCPRO HD formats on two 64GB cards; in AVC-Intra 50, the recording time is twice that as AVC-Intra 100.


Telecast Fiber Systems
Python 3G

The latest release of the company's Python multichannel fiber-optic HD/SDI transport system; offers a broad range of digital transmission rates while maintaining the signal quality and reliability required in demanding studio and OB environments; designed to enable broadcasters to reach hundreds of times further using a cable that is a tenth the size of equivalent coax; allows fiber-optic transport for up to four groups of HD/SDI channels, in a compact 1RU frame.



ProHD 3-D camcorder features an integrated 3-D twin lens design; simultaneously records each left and right image in full 1920 × 1080 resolution; offers dual 3.32 megapixel CMOS sensors — one for each lens; delivers 34Mb/s AVCHD recording in 3-D or 24Mb/s in 2-D; video can be recorded with time code at 60i to provide smooth motion for sports and other fast action or 24p for a film-like effect; can capture 3-D time lapse and 3-D digital stills.


9K series

Preconfigured, entry-level monitoring systems are based on the DS9000 DigiScope and MS9000 MonitorScope platforms; available in 12 configurations — six for the MonitorScope, where users need the half-rack width form factor, and six for the DigiScope, where users need to be able to route the output to a convenient monitor; the configurations cover common combinations of signals to be tested, including analog video as well as SD, HD and 3Gb/s HD digital streams.

+44 1494 729 728

Grass Valley
3G Transmission

Camera transmission system can carry uncompressed 3Gb/s signals over both triax and fiber; this allows any choice of transmission cable to carry either uncompressed 1080i, 720p or 1080p50/60 video, while being prepared for multiplexed pairs of 720p or 1080i HD signals for stereoscopic 3-D applications; extends the range of triax coverage by 25 percent to a conservative minimum of 4921ft (1500m); in addition to the camera's digital video output, it carries four digital audio channels back to the base station as two AES/EBU pairs and as an embedded signal within the digital video signals itself.


V-Light Active Fiber Cable System

Designed to offer a convenient, reliable and durable interface for high-speed serial digital video transmission over single-mode fiber with data transfer rates up to 1.485Gb/s; inside each weather-tight V-Light connector shell, the fiber is sealed and isolated, while the electrical signal is converted to an optical one (or vice versa); custom-length V-Light active fiber cables are available in two- or four-path versions with either unidirectional or bidirectional signal transmission.


Jünger Audio

Combo cards are designed for the C8000 processing system; C8586 is a dual combo board that provides two SDI streams, each with four channels of audio; enables users to process up to 32 channels in dual stereo and in one frame; C8582 is an eight-channel analog and DSP card that can handle four stereo pairs, enabling cable headends to process four television programs per board.

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Waveform monitor and rasterizer can monitor up to four 3G-SDI signals simultaneously; designed for use in OB vans, studio control rooms and post-production houses doing editing, special effects and color correction; offer a comprehensive set of color gamut monitoring features, as well as multirate color bar and pathological signal generation for basic installation and maintenance applications; other key features include closed captioning, subtitles, AFD decode/display and full ANC data support for quality control applications.


Utah Scientific
UTAH-400 series

Digital routing switchers now feature embedded-audio signal processing; new capability comes courtesy of a new line of I/O boards that rely on advanced field-programmable gate array technology to perform signal processing; the enhanced routing systems also incorporate a virtual control panel to provide an easy-to-read display of the video signals and their associated audio positions.


Alteran Technologies
ViTaDi Digikit

Portable plug-and-play digital migration capture system uses standard computer components and connections; available in two- or four-channel, and SD or HD versions; features ease of use and quick setup; portable desktop design is ideal for modest libraries, but also appeals to companies with larger collections that need reliable on-the-fly automatic video ingest as an alternative to less productive as-needed manual migrations; adapts to a content owner's pre-existing architecture and integrates with any pre-existing tape library systems.


Front Porch Digital
DIVArchive V7.0

Content storage management system now implements Front Porch Digital's open Archive eXchange Format technology, which is designed to protect, preserve and facilitate the exchange of content among storage systems; supports complex DPX packages with as many as 1 million individual files per DIVArchive object, frame and path-based partial restore-operations, and desktop browsing of DCP and IMF-formatted files; also supports Oracle T10000C tape drives with 5TB of native data-tape capacity and 240MB/s throughput.



Power solution is designed for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D and EOS 60D DSLR cameras; provides 7.2V power to the camera via the Canon DR-E6 Coupler and 14.4V power via the PowerTap for accessories such as the Ultralight2, onboard monitors and external hard drives; can mount to most third-party support rigs, such as Red-Rock Genus, Micro, Zacuto and Cinevate; Logic Series Batteries RealTime LCD indicates remaining run time for all items being powered.



Loudness processor designed to help stations ensure compliance with the CALM Act legislation; manages loudness in compliance with the ITU BS.1770 loudness standard, as well as processes program material with stereo and 5.1 surround audio processing technology; features SD/HD-SDI inputs and outputs with de-embedding and embedding; 2.0 to 5.1 upmix and 5.1 to 2.0 downmix capabilities are also included; dedicated, separate inputs are provided for EAS audio and for ancillary program channels; RS-485/RS-422 connectivity is provided for metadata input.


Observer Scout

A/V monitoring, logging and troubleshooting system allows broadcasters and networks to perform proactive content-based monitoring and quality checks at A/V handoffs with over-the-air and satellite downlinks, pay-TV operators, content contributors and other partners; can capture up to three days of full-motion SD or HD content; provides continuous recording of video and audio to local storage; enables browser-based remote viewing of stored media by multiple simultaneous users; supports media exports for sharing of select content; offers centralized management.



Graphics creation and playout system leverages Chyron's suite of graphics tools and streamlines ordering and graphics asset management, collaborative graphics creation, and real-time playout; integration with AXIS, Chyron's cloud-based services offering, extends the power of BlueNet workflows in speeding even the most sophisticated graphics to air; gives broadcasters an array of tools that can be configured to meet the specific needs of their graphics workflows as well as their budgets, while providing seamless integration into newsroom systems.


Multiplatform Stream Processor

Processor is a high-density video and audio processing solution for telco and cable operators — enabling the launch of additional services, migration to MPEG-4 AVC and time-shift TV ingest processing; enables cost-efficient disaster recovery sites for business continuity; is a multiformat dense transcoder, enabling support for up to 24 HD or 72 SD MPEG-4 AVC or MPEG-2 services with concurrent PIP outputs; can serve as a re-encoder for MPEG-2 services, allowing for lower overall bit rates or VBR to CBR conversion for applications like time-shift TV.


MediorNet Compact

Cost-effective 50G real-time media network; provides connectivity for up to 12 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals, four AES ports, two MADI interfaces, and four analog audio I/OS with high-quality microphone preamps and a dynamic range of 117dB; features an interface for Riedel RockNet digital audio networks, two DisplayPort outputs, three GigE ports, and connections for serial data and GPIs.


Sony Creative Software
Z Depth 2.0

Stereoscopic 3-D production application enhances the ability for 3-D authoring companies to easily create required disparity metadata files for positioning of subtitles and interactive graphic menus in 3-D Blu-ray Disc production; displays a new visual queue in the preview window during recording of the disparity value being applied to the subtitle or menu event; new adjustment options for offset data values allow for subpixel precision when outputting file formats compatible with digital cinema 3-D productions.


xtra Faders

New surface layout option for the mc266 MKII production console; the Screen Control Module in the console's Central Control section is replaced by the Short Fader Control panel; in addition to the control elements commonly associated with this section, the new surface layout incorporates eight additional faders; this new arrangement provides more faders in the first row and less administrative buttons, facilitating greater control over crucial mix elements assigned to this area; the Extra Faders layout also provides a new Screen Control panel that provides for a variety of essential functions requiring dedicated hardware buttons.

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LYNX Technik
Series 5000

Fiber, receive and transceiver cards provide an electrical-to-optical and optical-to-electrical conversion solution for the transmission of SDI content to fiber over long distances; consists of the OTX 5844 four-channel fiber-optic transmitter with integrated 4×6 router, ORX 5804 four-channel fiber-optic receiver with integrated 4×4 router, and OTR 5842 dual-channel SDI to fiber-optic transceiver with integrated 4×4 router; all three modules offer CWDM support for up to 18 wavelengths.


TriCaster 850 EXTREME

Live production system includes proprietary NewTek IsoCorder multitrack recording technology, which provides the ability to record up to eight channels of video from either inputs or outputs; offers direct support for any Apple AirPlay-enabled app or device and EQ and compressor/limiter capabilities on every audio input and output; supports animation store transitions with full-color, motion video effects and audio, from 11 animation stores; the included Animation Store Creator is a transition editor that allows users to author custom animation store transitions, using their own preferred graphics software tools to prepare the animation sequences.


Sound Devices
PIX 220, PIX 240

Video recorders can be connected to cameras with HDMI and can record directly to QuickTime using Apple's ProRes or, optionally, Avid's DNxHD codec; because PIX recorders use ProRes and DNxHD, files recorded in the field can be used directly in post production, making the workflow simple and fast; PIX 240 adds more flexibility, with its HD-SDI input and simultaneous HD-SDI and HDMI outputs; both units include 5in, 800 × 480 pixel LCD displays, providing immediate confirmation of recording, playback, audio metering and setup menu selections.


Digital Rapids
MediaMesh TX

Content contribution appliance provides flexible, easy-to-use content packaging and sending capabilities; scales from point-to-point delivery to global distribution networks; combines robust, scalable transfer technology with full-featured, easy-to-use sending and receiving solutions; provides efficient transfer of digital media files between content providers, contributors, aggregators and distribution partners; optimizes the transfer of HD, SD and Digital Cinema media over terrestrial IP networks and satellite.



Series of liquid-cooled solid-state transmitters features Cool-dock technology, which is designed to lower maintenance costs by eliminating potential for leaks; using building-block design, power levels of up to 10kW in a single 24in cabinet are possible; higher power levels are available in multiple cabinet configurations; lightweight, hot-pluggable modules can be safely removed without waiting for cooldown.


Omneon MediaGrid

New version of active storage system is the combination of the ContentServer 3000, new scale-out storage hardware, and a new version (v3.0) of the Omenon MediaGrid file system software that features integrated software RAID for efficient and smart data protection; ContentServer 3000 hardware comes in a 3RU form factor, houses 16 3.5in SATA2 hot-swappable hard disk drives and has dual active-active controllers for high availability; offers both RAID 6 and RAID 4 options, enabling users to balance storage capacity with performance based on their workflow needs.



A multiprogram, IP transport stream loudness control processor; can perform high-quality automatic loudness control across dozens of HD/SD programs carried over IP; ideal for cable, satellite and IPTV operators; addresses excessive channel-to-channel and program-to-program variation; when installed downstream of the advertisement insertion equipment, it will prevent excessively loud commercials and will improve the quality of service for subscribers.


Media Life

Manages the complex media management requirements of high-volume, multiplatform program producers, such as broadcast networks and thematic channels; combines the company's media asset management platform with specialized tools covering the complete programming chain — from ingest, QC, compliance and content enrichment to playout, distribution and archiving; natively integrated task-specific tools address specialized areas of program preparation, while Dalet's advanced workflow engine orchestrates resources, assets and tasks to efficiently manage program and promo preparation across the entire production chain.