UE 9000

Scopus Video Networks

The universal encoder series allow broadcasters and network operators to easily migrate from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4; feature a dense encoding architecture and allow dual-channel encoding in a 1RU chassis; provide superior image quality and can be integrated in open- or closed-loop statistical multiplexing architectures; UE 9310 provides one MPEG-2 channel and by adding an H.264 software upgrade, the encoder can simultaneously transmit either or both formats over ASI and IP networks.
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Image Server MAXX

360 Systems

High-performance, three-channel broadcast video server with graphic store and key and fill; supports MPEG-2 video up to 50Mb; inputs MPEG-2 and DV over GigE from Apple FCP and Avid, as well as TARGA files from graphics programmes; includes frame sync, SDI video ports, AES/EBU, digital, analog and embedded audio.
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For live production, post, content management and playout; server can be combined to build a complete multichannel and real-time media sharing production network with nearline central storage.
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A digital translator with a COFDM modulator provides DVB-T streams in 2K and 8k mode and DVB-H stream in 4K mode; scalable and flexible; supports applications from 500mW to 5kW; low-power applications are available in two compact versions, up to 5W in 3RU and up to 50W in 4RU; combined with the Elti range of power amplifiers, it offers transmission solutions up to 5kW, as air-cooled or liquid-cooled transmitters.
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EN8030 and EN8090


The EN8030 is an MPEG-4 AVC SD ultracompression broadcast encoder; the EN8090 is an MPEG-4 AVC HD/SD ultracompression broadcast encoder; the encoders enable HDTV services to be delivered at data rates below 6Mb/s, with similar improvements to SD services; are designed to enable operators to deliver HD and SD multichannel and single-channel services across cable, satellite, telco and terrestrial networks.
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Axon Digital Design

The aligner and frame synchronizer automatically detects Dolby E, and a possible offset of the guard band is measured; any offset of up to +/-0.5 frame will be corrected automatically by delaying the Dolby E between 0.5 and 1.5 frame; the video part of the SDI stream is delayed by one frame as default.
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Transmitters and repeaters


Range includes digital and digital-ready analog models in VHF and UHF bands, with air or liquid cooling; offer 0.1W to 40kW output power; compatible with all types of digital terrestrial TV networks.
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MC Intelligent Application Controller


Serves as a standalone multi-application control surface or as the centerpiece of the System 5-MC console surface; has four levels of control; includes a keyboard and trackball and 56 LCD SmartSwitches that can be programmed to send out keystroke commands; features HUI and Mackie Control protocol and EuCon.
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Broadcast Monitoring System


Monitoring system allows facility-wide distribution of video sources, supported audio and associated metadata over a standard IP network; unlimited sources can be networked to an unlimited number and type of displays, with each display's graphical layout customized to accommodate each user's dedicated requirements.
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Software monitors, manages and helps control workflow by collecting, organizing, consolidating and leveraging network data from broadcast production, playout and transmission systems; can reduce salary and training costs of engineers and support staff by 25 percent; reduces disruptions and outages.
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An automated robotic cart system; accommodates up to four PDW-1500 units and up to 80 discs to store AV material; ideal for ingesting, archiving and on-air playout applications; is equipped with a standard VCC control protocol, allowing easy integration into existing systems; the total storage capacity using 80 discs is 1.8TB; the PDJ-CS10 Cart Interface Software is available to interface with MXF-compliant systems.
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Signal monitoring video monitor and display; simultaneously accepts, auto-detects, analyzes and displays eight synchronous or asynchronous HD, SD and analog video signals; an additional ninth input is a computer graphic input for display of a dynamic background image; displays up to WUXGA (1920 × 1200) resolution; fits into the company's 7700FR-C frame.
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Rohde & Schwarz

Portable analyzer offers all the functions and features of a spectrum analyzer, combined with the functions and features of an analog and digital TV test receiver; comes equipped with a preamplifier, tracking generator and TV module that permits the analysis of analog and digital TV signals and their demodulation; the demodulated video signal, which is made available at an output that can be used either as an analog TV or as a digital output, can be routed to an external monitor or an MPEG-2 decoder.
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Fischer Connectors

HDTV connector features an integrated Corning UniCam fibre-optic contact, which eliminates the need for epoxy and polishing during termination; is practical and economical to assemble and repair in the studio and in the field; is fully SMPTE signal- and cable-compliant; employs two single-mode fibre contacts, two high-voltage contacts and two signal contacts.
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Cine 30 HD


Fluid head features a sideload clamping mechanism for the camera plate; offers several benefits, including newly designed control elements such as the brake lever and pan bar.
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Digital Hive

Red Bee Media

Content management system allows rights holders and platform owners to digitize, manage, repurpose and deliver content to platform and make it work on different screens.
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HD-e series

Thales Angenieux

Cost-effective lens series consists of three zoom lenses: the 19 × 7.3 AIF HD-e, with a zoom ratio of 19X and focal length ranging from 7.3mm to 139mm; the 10 × 5.3 AIF HD-e, with a zoom ratio of 10X and focal length ranging from 5.3mm to 53mm; and the 26 × 7.8 AIF HD-e, with a zoom ratio of 26X and focal length ranging from 7.8mm to 203mm.
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Logging Media


A content management system for broadcasters, telecom and mobile phone operators, and Internet companies to capture, index, transcode and distribute audio and video content; video and audio files captured into the database are individually examined, segmented and completed with the necessary associated metadata in an automatic or semi-automatic mode through the use of various speech-to-text and image recognition techniques.
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Grey Owl series


The second generation of the Grey Owl series of flat-bodied digital monitors includes new features such as Ethernet remote and DVI/HDMI capability; are equipped with an interface port to connect a PM5639/T colour probe for ACC automatic alignment and calibration.
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The digital video router features Gennum's 3Gb/s HD/SDI chipset; is specifically designed for use in video production trucks and other applications where space is limited; built for HD; supports all standard SD data rates; is ASI-compliant; can be configured for systems ranging in size from 12 × 12 up to 288 × 576; all modules, including power supplies and cooling fans, are front-serviceable and hot-swappable.
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DPO7000 and DSA7000


Oscilloscopes provide high-speed design and analysis; eliminates the trade-offs between sample rate, record length and waveform capture rate; these 4GHz, 6GHz and 8GHz instruments perform data acquisition, debug, validation and compliance testing.
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Newsbox HD


Affordable, convenient and self-contained news system; has the capability to ingest, view rushes, choose shots, edit stories, review finished pieces and play them to air; available in both HD and SD and HD-upgradeable configurations.
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A new MOS version of the prompting software interfaces with ENPS' Media Server Communications Protocol; this tight integration with WinDigi via the MOS protocol enables ENPS to control all the features of the WinDigi automatically, improving the efficiency of the prompting function in a busy newsroom environment; can remotely access any run order or start at any story in the run order.
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Pebble Beach Systems

New improvements to the automation system include increased capacity for large systems, providing virtually unlimited expansion, SNMP alarm alerts, improved media transcoder functions, comprehensive timers, extended search and replace functions, and new drivers to support a range of additional devices.
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Patriot Antennas

A 2.4m flyaway, quick-deploy antenna; comprised of Patriot's Patented Dual Skin sectional reflector technology; the technology allows the reflector to be divided into sections while keeping the same surface accuracy as a one-piece reflector; it also allows the antennas to be lightweight and rugged; available in C, Ku, X and Ka band frequencies as well as in motorized or fixed applications.
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The fibre-optic connector system is based on a standard LC-duplex design; provides safe and rugged connectivity; integrated gold-plated contacts allow the use of up to four copper wires for power or data; features a SMPTE-compatible wire arrangement and additional ground-shell contact; now offers additional cable and cable drum types.
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Video ME2000


A compact 1RU multiformat encoding platform; can be easily switched via a software control between HD and SD video outputs; compression toolset includes CABAC entropy coding, weighted prediction and deblocking filter; features digital programme insertion triggers for ad insertion; supports a secondary low-resolution proxy output stream for programme guide or monitoring applications.
+1 408 245 2150

SOLO Protective Leg Covers

Miller Camera Support

The foam leg covers offer protection for the SOLO ENG tripod and provide a comfortable velvet texture grip, which is easy to remove and clean; are flexible and made from a neoprene sharkskin base with a durable Velcro edge to attach to the tripod legs, ensuring protection and comfort during tripod operation.
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Microwave Radio Communications (MRC)

The portable ENG transmitter supports integral MPEG-2 SD/HD encoding, plus analog or COFDM and high-speed single carrier digital modulation in bands between 1.9GHz and 2.6GHz; features user-friendly front-panel controls, built-in AC/DC power supplies and nine programmable presets, which make setup easy.
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Grass Valley

The multiformat camera platform supports 1080i50/60, 720p50/60, 525i/60 and 625i/50; records at DV25, JPEG2000 and MPEG-2 SD and HD; records and plays from integrated REV PRO drive and professional-grade CompactFlash media; supports HD-SDI, CVBS, TC and AES audio; IT-based interfaces include three USB, a FireWire and an HDMI display connectors and GigE.
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The IPTV control system is a modular, large operator conditional-access system for any kind of content; developed as a transport platform independent solution; can be used as a convergent solution to secure DVB, IP and mobile content.
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H-Class Content Delivery Platform


The solutions in the content delivery platform include the H-Class Airtime Sales, H-Class Scheduling, H-Class Digital Asset Management, H-Class Media Ingest, H-Class Playout Automation and H-Class Intelligent Transport; offers platform-based advantages, including content management and sharing, intra-application messaging, increased security, and scheduling functionality; management of content assets, associated metadata and content relationships enables the delivery of rich media across multiple distribution channels.
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