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Yamaha’s M7CL-48ES and more …

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems


Digital audio console connects via a single Cat 5 cable; includes a built-in EtherSound interface with a third port for PC control and monitoring, eight omni inputs (mic/line), eight omni outputs and three MY card slots; supports up to three SB168-ES stage boxes and can mix up to 48 mono plus four stereo inputs to 16 mix buses, eight matrix outputs, stereo and mono outputs; features onboard analog insertion via omni I/O and added output port delay for each EtherSound output.

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Date transport solution accepts 10/100TX Ethernet data and transports it over common 75? coaxial cable or twisted-pair telephone wire; can extend distances between devices to as much as 500m on coaxial cable or up to 3000m on twisted-pair wire; features standard BNC connector or terminal block output port and RJ-45 connector input port; can operate in environments with extreme temperatures and vibration.

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MT-X Expansion Box

Expansion box can be added to any A-16 or A-16II Personal Mixer; offers robust protection to the mixer's case and connectors while supplying additional audio connectivity; features 1/8in stereo headphone jack, as well as separate XLR L/R audio outputs; all connectors are located on the underside of the unit, with an internal wire harness that connects to the A-16II audio output and A-Net input; includes a heavy-duty, locking EtherCon connector.

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Optical Cable

HD Bend-Tolerant cable

Fiber-optic cable is designed for data centers and space-constrained applications; small-diameter (3mm) cable increases capacity in tray systems, improves cable management, increases cooling efficiency and reduces cost for under-raised-floor cabling systems; exceeds ITU-T-G.657.A2 standards for bending performance; offers plug-and-play connectivity for a multitude of applications.

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Enterprise Edition WebSpace module

Advanced, portable Web-based media asset management and news production application uses latest Web 2.0 technologies; features professional video and audio production tools, an enterprise search engine and user-friendly interface; streams media in H.264 or MPEG-4, making remote access to the main archives simple and fast.

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Manreo 2

Asset management solution simplifies the cataloging, indexing, accessing and distribution of media; supports industry-standard formats, content ingest, browse proxy generation, media enrichment through speech-to-text functionality and easy access to media; incorporates Workflow Engine, which orders tasks to optimize efficiency and load balancing, automates content distribution processes and includes a security and warning system; can perform automated transcoding and publishing of media and metadata to the Internet, VOD, mobile services and IPTV; includes Hypercast Warehouse set of archiving tools, which integrates with any environment and can be used to manage audio, video or images in all file formats (MXF, XDCAM, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, WMV, etc.).

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Boris FX

Boris Continuum Materials

Graphics software generates realistic textures such as steel plates, bricks, clouds, granite, wooden planks and rock, among others, which are procedurally generated to ensure smooth render at any scale; provides a variety of animation parameters, including controls for the color, width, height and other aspects of the material; allows users to add 3D detail and lighting to the material surface, as well as apply materials to realistic surfaces or use them as animated organic backgrounds; supports Apple Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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Automatic MP3 player and recording system provides instant, manual playback of up to 99 knob-assigned, user-loaded audio files from a front-panel screen; allows instant playback on a user-defined schedule based on an internal clock or synchronized network time server; features an internal backup option that provides 20 minutes of battery-powered redundancy in the event of power loss and keeps all scheduled playback events on target for about 75 minutes.

+1 617 275 8898

Linear Acoustic


Compact 2RU multichannel audio and video monitor provides advanced audio metering functionality and performance; displays 16 bar graphs of embedded or AES audio simultaneously; features preset menus and shortcut keys that allow for rapid, intuitive access to critical elements of complex broadcast audio systems; can decode Dolby AC-3 or Dolby E, create downmixes from discreet or Dolby-encoded audio, analyze metadata and store any input selection/listening mode to one of 24 user presets and recall them instantly.

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Element Labs


Video processor works with STEALTH portable video display; supports creative mapping and 48Hz, 50Hz and 60Hz frame-rate modes; enables users to rotate STEALTH panels upside down or sideways to achieve more creative screens; DVI input mode allows STEALTH screens to be used in a wider film and TV market.

+44 20 3051 8197


BNC 75Ω HDTV Coaxial Connector series

Connectors can handle rates up to 3Gb/s or higher while supporting the SMPTE 292M and 424M standards; feature gold-plated center and outer contacts, which provide a frequency range up to 6GHz, optimized at 3GHz; intermateable with standard 50Ω and 75Ω BNC products; easily field-installable on most coaxial cables using hand-crimping tools and have colored cable boots for easy coding of video signals.

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Multiresolution SDI recorder for file-based production supports a variety of formats; generates multiple resolutions simultaneously and directly into a shared-storage system; ingests tapeless MXF media from any location seamlessly into any shared-storage solution.

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MoCA Filter

Filter prevents interference between subscriber homes that use MoCA technology; minimizes MoCA energy on cable TV feeder; supports 1GHz passband; compliant to MoCA specifications; protects integrity of MoCA signal level within the subscriber's home.

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HaiVision Network Video

MAKITO with DVI input

Video encoder delivers low-latency, full-frame-rate H.264 encoding of HD video (up to 1080p60) or computer graphics resolutions (SXGA up to 1280 × 1024 at 60Hz); supports component analog, DVI and XGA (RGBHV) inputs, as well as 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, composite and S-video; available as a compact, single-encoder appliance or mini blade; features HiLo Streaming, to emit both high- and low-bandwidth streams simultaneously, and multistreaming, to send streams with different IP encapsulation to different destinations.

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Ipera Technology

Pixel Xtream v2

HD/SD video transcoder software offers enhanced encoding options and control, as well as expanded HD and professional format support including MXF; addresses high-quality, low-bandwidth video distribution requirements of broadcasters and service providers pushing live and archived video content online for TV anywhere; processes large volumes of simultaneous encode, transcode and transrate operations; removes distortions and applies visual enhancements without operator intervention; integrated into Pixel Xtream L2200 and L2200P live streaming transcoder hardware.

+1 650 591 5022;



Composite cable offers both AC power and two channels of digital audio within the same audio jacket; designed to be used with most new, professional-quality, self-powered speaker PA systems that provide both AC power and input signals simultaneously; consists of three 14GA conductors with rugged PVC outer jacket, separate from the audio channels; audio channels accommodate both digital and analog signals and are designed to AES/EBU standards; available in bulk and can be equipped with a variety of connector combinations.



Moblie DTV receiver can run for three hours of continuous TV reception and is smaller and lighter than a deck of cards; beams the TV signal via WiFi to a receiving WiFi device compatible with RTSP; works with 3G Apple iPhone, third-gen iPod Touch, BlackBerry devices with WiFi, Motorola Android phones and Windows PCs; includes a microSD slot for a future conditional-access module that could accommodate subscription-based broadcast programming.

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Solid-state camcorder features Exmor CMOS sensor with ClearVid array to deliver full HD resolution and low-light sensitivity with low noise; records AVCHD up to 24Mb/s; delivers 1920 × 1080 HD images with both interlace and progressive modes, as well as native 1080/24p, 720/60p and MPEG-2 SD recording; includes both HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, as well as two-channel linear PCM audio capabilities, 720/60p recording, built-in GPS function, SMPTE time code I/O and an upgrade option for switchable 60i/50i; users can record content to Memory Stick PRO Duo media and Class 4 or higher SDHC cards.

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TV One

CORIOview C2-6204

Four-window 3G-SDI processor accommodates four 3G-SDI inputs allowing users to place up to four windows of any size in any position on one screen; each window is powered by its own CORIO2 scaling engine, and a fifth DVI input is available and can be used as another full-size, unscaled background image; can display up to four stereo audio bars in each window with colored borders, source labeling and 50 user-defined presets; features four built-in still-image stores, seamless switching, genlock, chroma key, luma key, mixing and built-in LCD system; supports resolutions up to 1080p60, DVI-D resolutions up to 1920 × 1200 at 60Hz and 1080p and DVI-A resolutions up to 2048 × 2048 at almost any refresh rate.

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Triveni Digital

StreamScope MT-40LCP

Low-cost version of MT-40 facilitates end-to-end MPEG-2/MPEG-4 transport stream monitoring and analysis for DTV signals; features two PCI card slots, a reduced size and weight and an optional battery-equipped unit; supports options for RF, SMPTE 310, ASI, QPSK, file inputs and GigE; can monitor, alarm, troubleshoot, record and measure DTV transport streams; includes remote monitoring, EPG display, PSIP and PSI crosstable consistency checking, SD/HD video thumbnails, closed-captioning, IP route analysis, and IGMPv3 for IP multicast support.

+1 858 391 9461;

Blackmagic Design

UltraScope v1.1

PCIe card and software package update features new composite waveform view digitally synthesized from the SD or HD video input; allows editors to align video levels in a more familiar, traditional way; can show luminance, composite or both displayed side by side; includes RGB parade, luma plus composite display and vectorscope waveform monitors; available as free download for existing UltraScope users.

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