StorNext 3.0Quantum Data management software extends high performance, resilient data sharing to LAN servers and integrates Quantum's data de-duplication

StorNext 3.0

Data management software extends high performance, resilient data sharing to LAN servers and integrates Quantum's data de-duplication technology to reduce data retention costs; enables applications to access shared storage faster; Dynamic Resource Allocation increases uptime; allows users to scale storage by adding or swapping out disk arrays while the system is active.
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Waveform monitor and vectorscope; a range of video test and measurement systems running entirely in software for Windows PC users for assessment of video/audio via capture cards and files imported to a computer; runs from a USB memory stick so users can freely move the software from computer to computer if required; the software provides comprehensive, high-quality real-time and automatic monitoring tools, including waveform monitoring, vectorscope and color gamut error checking and logging.
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Universal HD and SD, audio and video frame synchronizer and converter can simultaneously support both HD and SD video, all in a full 10-bit broadcast-quality video and 24-bit audio; supports virtually any input or output as analog or digital, HD or SD; can up- or downconvert between SD and HD, and provide simultaneous outputs of both formats; supports closed captioning and the conversion of closed captioning between SD and HD formats.
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Ideas Unlimited

Conformance recorder provides a continuous as-run recording of multiple outputs; the company's Media FingerPrinting technology allows ContentProbe to compare multiple versions of the same content and flag differences; offers 90 days' capacity of two channels in a 1RU case; the BitRot option adds the ability to reduce the storage required, after the legal compliance period, by dropping a number of frames or video from the sequence.
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MassStore federated architecture gives broadcasters the ability to centralize storage, move data, distribute people and processes, and search for content across multiple broadcast facilities; allows asymmetrical propagation of assets between multiple MassStore systems; enables decentralization or centralization of storage shared dynamically among all facilities; offers simplified asset searching of all locations, including tape libraries, nearline cache or video servers from a Web browser.
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Color 8.4in and 17in LCD video monitors; standalone or rack-mount; composite video, 4:3 video, S-video, DVI, PC and optional dual HD/SD-SDI video inputs with buffered loop-throughs; 8.4in LCD has 1040 pixels with 768 lines; the 17in LCD provides 1920 pixels with 1200 lines of resolution.
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Signal processor features single/dual channel, up/down/cross/standards conversion plus A to D / D to A; all in 1RU; provides high-quality conversion using pixel motion de-interlacing; offers HD/SD motion adaptive noise reduction; provides flexible aspect ratio conversion using the common presets, as well as nonlinear anemographic conversion, with control by AFD, WSS, and VLI; integral audio processing with 8 AES pairs, 16 channels of embedded audio and 8 analog audio channels.
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2100 Series
Riedel Communications

Control panels for Artist intercom infrastructure feature eight-digit, high-contrast, full graphic LCD displays, showing label and cross-point level for each talk key, which are illuminated with definable marker colors; include additional analog line level inputs and outputs and three GPI/Os on the rear side.
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artemis DV Pro FX

Camera stabilization system for handheld DV and HDV camcorders features central post with auick-release mounting system and battery compartment, 7in sliding LCD monitor and arm with interchangeable gas-spring cartridges in a choice of three payloads; monitor offers 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios and switches automatically between NTSC and PAL depending on input.
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SPS 200

Compact, lightweight A-format mic for stereo and 5.1 surround recording; offers software plug-in A-format to B-format conversion and stereo and surround-sound decoding and manipulation in place of an outboard control unit; can capture 5.1-, 6.1- and 7.1-channel audio and simultaneous stereo with variable width; comprises four low-noise, studio grade condenser capsules; offers standard 48V phantom power; relies on included software for all format conversion, decoding and manipulation.
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EK 3241

Portable receiver uses a 36MHz switching bandwidth that is tunable in 5kHz increments to generate 7200 frequency options; features new user interface; ships with 32 custom frequencies preprogrammed, and allows users to store an additional 20; offers a command channel function that opens up a second audio channel to the mixer.
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Snell & Wilcox

Enables broadcasters and content owners to master content once and repurpose it for multiple distribution platforms; workstation combines best-in-class image conditioning tools, content mastering, quality control and content repurposing functionality.
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Stratos Optical Technologies

Miniature four-channel expanded beam fiber-optic connector features hermaphroditic interconnection and four fiber channels in single- or multimode operation; available in several variants for bulkhead mounting with D-hole, flange mount with XLR footprint and thread mount.
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DIVArchive 6.0
Front Porch Digital

Storage management system supports Avid Interplay interface for SD and HD; storage expansion for Avid Unity and Avid Interplay-based infrastructures; maximized network resources by frame-accurately restoring only the portion of stored content required for use in on-line storage.
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HD video signal transport system supports 1080i/720p HD broadcast video and audio over satellite and IP-based networks; supports data rates from 512Kb/s to 20Mb/s; provides full 1080i video, simultaneous output of HD and down-converted SD video from a single HD source; expanded set of resolutions and frame rates for compatibility with film and post house needs.
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New generation picture quality analyzer uses the most comprehensive Human Vision Model yet implemented; includes full support for HD formats; allows comparison of 1080i and 720p HD, HD and SD, 525 and 625 SD, 30fps and 25fps, SD and CIF, HD and CIF content.
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FastBreak NXT
v3.0 Sundance Digital

Automation system runs four active playlists simultaneously on a single Air Control Station; features greater visibility, an enhanced manual, automated join-in-progress functionality, streamlined GUI, and operator interfaces in French, German, Italian and Spanish; database standardization uses the Microsoft SQL platform; enables the user to view or edit the on-air playlist from anywhere within a facility.
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DaletPlus Enterprise Edition

Software-based solution for broadcasters features an open integration platform, flexible workflow engine, multiformat conversion, automated media migration and a modular toolset; includes a comprehensive set of digital production and media management tools that spans the workflow from ingest, edit and scheduling to broadcast and distribution.
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Digital video test platform offers six different combinations of MPEG-2 (DVB, ATSC) transport stream generation, capture, stream creation and analysis; enables operators to precisely capture stream data and conduct trigger stream report generation; features SimulTrack, which performs simultaneous analysis and monitoring of up to 256 MPEG transport streams contained within a GigE pipe.
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JPEG2000 transmission/reception transport system moves HD signals over an SD or IP infrastructure; with MFX module, can configure the to transmit or receive the J2K signal within your environment; fully SNMP enabled; perfect for back haul or to archive high quality contribution video.
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