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New Products

NewsScroll 4.0

Software allows users to add multiple crawls, logos and more with a single channel; enables simultaneous display of two independent crawls, which can be updated manually or automatically from RSS feeds; supports two static or animated logos, a real-time, customizable clock, a data box that can be updated through text, Web and XML files, an interchangeable ratings logo and an instant text-update field for last-minute additions; includes a cut mode that enables users to insert full- or partial-screen graphics behind other crawls, logos and text elements; includes new GPI and auto-start functions.

Noise Industries
FxFactory Pro 2.5

Visual effects platform features new filter and transition plug-ins including local contrast, vibrance, genie filter, accordion, origami, genie transition and page turn; new user interface in slideshow generator gives users increased flexibility in selecting and reordering image files and control to produce slideshows in Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Affects, as well as includes four new transition effects applied automatically between slides; available free to current FxFactory Pro 2 users.


Fluid head for digital cameras features stepless, ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag and sinusoidal counterbalance system that provides accurate balance at any point in the tilt range; equipped with dual scales, one on each side, and four handle rosettes for operation from either side of the head, as well as front or back handle mounting; one-touch platform release lever enables one finger or hand action to undo the safety catch and open the lever; weighs 22.9lbs and has a payload of zero to 71lbs.

Maestro Suite 6

Updated enterprise graphics solution features extensive control of graphics' behavior, redesigned plug-ins, a new user interface for its modules and sync, a stand-alone tool that allows the movement of content from different databases as well as the import/export of content to files; supports multiple tracks that can be triggered by different events; can directly play pages created with Morpho 3D; enables the creation of scripts and macros.


Connection kit provides a waterproof, sealed connection for fiber-to-the-antenna, remote radio head equipment and outdoor applications where a protected interface is needed; designed for optical systems using SFP transceivers and duplex LC-terminated fiber-optic cable; kit can be assembled over existing cables and can be reused, allowing cables and transceivers to be changed in the field including front-panel swapping of transceivers; sealing levels are IP65, with IP67 optionally available, with a durability of 100 mating cycles minimum and a temperature range of -40 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius; uses a receptacle attached to the equipment panel and a plug assembly over the cable.


Solution designed to manage the configuration and monitoring of an entire subtitle transcoding and transmission operation; provides a central, unifying point from which to administer multichannel, multilanguage subtitling and captioning; allows operators to administer multiple Swift TX units and configure subtitle processors, monitor subtitle streams and oversee a subtitle archive system that allows broadcasters to manage their subtitle assets throughout their lifecycle; aggregates subtitle monitoring information from across the broadcast infrastructure and presents it clearly, diagnosing and highlighting any issues within the chain.

C100 HDS V3

Upgraded broadcast console introduces support for new low-cost I/O and expanded remote GPIO options; extends remote-control capability with Pro-Bel protocol compatibility and full implementation of Ross OverDrive and Sony ELC production automation systems; features a Dialog Automix option, which transparently manages the riding of faders in a live, multimicrophone production, eliminates missed upcuts and maintains a smooth, balanced level of background ambience; adds automatic stereo to surround 5.1 upmix option; production tools include program output delay, enhanced snapshot editing, expanded free control assignments, fader to zero decibels and new maintenance tools.

TV One

High-performance, multiformat 17in LCD monitor features inputs for SDI (SD or HD) with an active output, HDMI, analog RGBHV, YUV or YPbPr component video and two-times composite video, with a YC input available that can be used in lieu of one of the composite inputs; supports and automatically detects NTSC and PAL TV standards; provides five stereo inputs and dual internal speakers driven by a 3W amp for stereo audio monitoring; front-panel tally LEDs can be activated externally via the DB9 connector; a sync-delay mode allows viewing of the vertical and horizontal sync and vertical blanking intervals, and a blue-only mode facilitates accurate monitor setup when viewing color bars; includes standard VESA mount on the rear panel and a rack-mount kit that can tilt up and down.

Universal Electronics

Advanced interface control enables 3-D navigation by incorporating Freespace motion-detection technology by Hillcrest Labs; adds a new dimension to traditional up/down/left/right controls by translating all hand movements into on-screen cursor movements; provides subscribers ability to navigate multiple screens and functions of IP-based applications by manipulating the on-screen cursor with routine hand and wrist movements; includes intelligence that will enable future versions to recognize user patterns for further personalization and interactivity.


Automated robotic PTZ camera controller with HD, RGBHV and SD video switching, video transitions and camera preset trigger functionality; can control up to six PTZ cameras (or other video sources) and assign up to 72 total preset positions; 6 × 1 switcher accepts analog, SD, HD and RGBHV on all inputs and up/downscales these signals to dual program outputs at an SD, HD or RGBHV resolution.


Installation LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) projector delivers 1920 × 1200 widescreen images with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and brightness level of 4000 lumens; employs AISYS-enhanced LCOS optical engine that offers crisp, seamless images with intricate detail, high brightness, high contrast and accurate color; features include access to three new high-resolution interchangeable Canon projection lenses as well as motorized lens shift for installation flexibility.
516-328-5000; (opens in new tab)


TFT LED system offers instant warm-up to full brightness and comes with a wide-angle hood; includes Eco+Plus+ feature that saves power when no active video is present and low-consumption mode for use with camera utility power outlets; features built-in, dimmable tally light with opto sensor input and repeat output, illuminated control panel and optional HD-SDI input.

Front Porch Digital

Semi-automated videotape-to-digital migration system watches over the entire operation automatically, monitoring the process and implementing specified quality standards frame by frame; converts videotape in real time to as many as four simultaneous digital files, including MXF-wrapped JPEG 2000, MPEG-2, QuickTime, H.264 (MPEG-4), Flash, MPEG-1, AVC, Windows Media and Real Media.


Belt-mount active switch is powered by any five-pin Lectrosonics transmitter; works with most two- and three-wire lavaliere microphones; uses an optically coupled switch to silence the audio signal without any clicks and pops, even when located in a strong RF field; features weather-resistant toggle switch as well as cable with weather-resistant vinyl boots at each end; included wiring kit provides a five-pin connector, strain relief parts and an additional water-resistant vinyl boot to protect the lavaliere microphone connector from moisture.


Portable fiber-optic field transport system allows for up to 40 channels over one fiber-optic cable; can be configured with DVI, RGB and HDMI and run on batteries or 110/220VAC power; features an HD monitor and signal generator on either end of the product so users can test the circuit even if the camera isn't present.

Rhozet Carbon Coder 3.16/Carbon Server 3.16

Transcoding application/server updates include multiple audio program support for H.264 exporter/importer and Smooth Streaming exporter; CEA-708 caption support for Omneon exporter/importer (MXF and MOV) and H.264 exporter/importer; a video filter that allows for the insertion of V-Chip XDS information into the Carbon pipeline in the caption/708 payload; an optional audio filter that allows Dolby E encoding for any Carbon Coder exporter supporting an uncompressed or PCM audio format; and a new time code processing filter that can correct, clean up or synchronize the time code payload with time sources other than the source file.

AJA Video Systems

Optional 1RU networkable control panel for KUMO line of compact SDI routers gives users access to destination- and/or Web browser-based control of KUMO routers; supports the selection of 16 sources to 16 destinations on each of up to four routers; connects to a single router automatically without computer/browser connection; enables users to assign the router select buttons to up to any four routers on the network via the Web browser interface; features removable button lens caps for the customization of source and destination names; provides panel lock, destination lock and router delegation buttons.

Tightrope Media Systems
ZEPLAY 8440HD/8440SD

Eight-channel server with four inputs and outputs active at all times is available in SD and HD versions; HD system includes support for resolutions up to 1080i and all international frame rates; features 160 total hours of HD recording time (40 hours per channel), independent control of every output channel, a built-in multiviewer, frame-blended slow motion and a dedicated replay controller; includes redundant power as well as RAID protection for both video and system drives.